Tuesday 23 May 2017

Orlando. 23rd May.

No Miles.

 Another trip to the gym. I'm becoming a regular!!

 Time to go home.

To say goodbye to America.


Orlando -22nd May

No Miles.

 A quietish day.

 Visit to the gym. (Well that's just me!)

 Then packed the bike.

 Then a trip out with Pam and alexandro( another warm showers guest ) to some local markets.

Bought a T shirt from Alexandro, he is funding his trip with T Shirts and some work along the way.  A very intersecting and nice guy.

 Then the three of us went back home to prepare salads to our individual tastes. I think I'm looking from my food from home.

 Ate too much, I always do!!!

Orlando 21st May

No miles.

Firstly Pam took me to the site of 'pulse', a sad place to visit.

Then treated to the spectacle of a roller derby.

 Never quite got a handle on the rules, but great fun to watch.

My wonderful hosts Pam and Christopher have certainly made my trip to Orlando one to remember.

Orlando 20th May

57 Miles.

Cycled back to Orlando with Cristopher, nice scenic ride.

Followed by Vietnamese lunch, then a bit of quiet time.

 Christopher, Pam and I then went off to a corn festival held in a local church hall.

Corn and other yummie food.

 Plus karioke by the locals, fun to be part of this local event.

Orlando 19th May.

4 miles.
 Another trip to the gym.

 Then off on the bikes with Christopher to meet Pam and Ziggy( the dog) at a camping site at a Spring for the night.

 Back in a tent, very warm night.

Orlando 18th May

No Miles.

 Off to the gym.

 Followed by Taco's with Christopher and Pam.

Las Vegas - Orlando. 17th May.

No Miles.

 Back to Orlando for my final few days.